Monday, March 9, 2015

A Wall of Words

Watch Video: A Wall of Words

Comprehension (After listening only) What do you think is happening in this video? What's the setting?
(After Watching) What are some common themes in the quotes people shared?

How long have they been married?
Who did her words come from?

What are you never fully dressed without?

Fill in the blank
01:06 So Just living in the ____________ and _____________ the day

01:22 Let the choices you make today be the choice you can ________ ________ _______.

01:27 A smile is ______________________

01:40 They ____________ ___________ who we are and they should ________ _____ __________.

Dictation (dictogloss style):
In a small group, work together to transcribe  the portion from 00:33 ~00:56
Works with your partner(s) to transcribe what is being said as accurately as possible. (transcription below)


Language learning

  • To make/give a toast:
    Here's to...
  • Best man: Maid of Honor, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids 
  • Live in the moment, Seize the day, carpe diem : 
  • Infectious: 
  • Post-it note, sticky note: 
  • Viewpoint, mindset:
Discussion Questions

  • Which of the quotes in the video did you especially like? 
  • What are your favorite quotes or sayings? 
  • What advice have you gotten that touched you or changed your viewpoint? Who gave you that advice to you? When? 
  • If you were to give a toast at the ENG250 opening reception, what would you say?
Speaking Practice
  Introduction to Google Translate using Minimal Pairs and Pronuncation Practice Sentences
  Try speaking the section that you wrote in the dictagloss into Google Translate.

Thirty years ago when we got married my grandfather was our best man and the toast that he gave after the wedding was “May you live as long as you love and love as long as you live”.

I wrote “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle” because it came from a teacher who was struggling with cancer and  I figured if he could say a quote like
that then I can have a viewpoint like that with the small problems of life.

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